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Tell us Your Story

Send in your Videos and tell the world your "Prettiest" story! How did you overcome your body issues and insecurities? How did you learn that you were beautiful just the way you are? How did you learn to accept yourself and realize your self worth? 

Purposeto help women internalize how beautiful they really are.  There's a major epidemic of women who are insecure about how they look. They constantly compare themselves to others.  Even when they have a boyfriend or husband that constantly tell them how pretty they are, they don't believe it.  They don't feel beautiful.  We want this campaign to change this and help them realize they're beautiful regardless of their body shape, age, race, etc.! 

"One of the greatest tragedies this world has ever produced is convincing generations of beautiful women that they're not beautiful. Let's fix this!"

Want to submit your story? You may be featured! Click here!

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Email us your #Prettiest Story video to Booking@ShaunBarrowesMusic.com